How to use WhatsApp without using Mobile Number?

As we know that we have to submit our phone number details with WhatsApp for sharing its services. But you will be surprised to know that this amazing chatting software can be used without any mobile number. Yes you don’t have any SIM in your smartphone and you can still enjoy texting through WhatsApp.

Now you are wondering how that is even possible! Good news a little tactic is there to help you get this service without any mobile number or SIM card or phone number.


There are hundreds of people who do not wanna share their phone number of personal reasons. At the same time they tend to try services of WhatsApp without any phone number and they don’t know a bit how to do that. If you are one of those, then you are landed on right page.

I got complete guide on using WhatsApp without any phone number. Another important thing this tactic can be used on any smartphone whether its running on android or iOS.

So without any further delay let’s check below how to use most premium messenger without any mobile number.

  • First thing you need to do is saving all the WhatsApp data on your mobile and uninstalling the existing WhatsApp account.
  • After that put your mobile on flight mode and download the WhatsApp again for installation.
  • Obviously when you follow the on screen instructions to install the WhatsApp, it will ask phone number for verification.
  • As your mobile is on flight mode, so you need to use alternative method for verification that is through “Check through SMS”.
  • Now enter the email address and click the submit button. Now instantly cancel the action.
  • Next step is to install spoof messages app on your smartphone. Here you will know how to do this step on both android and iOS smartphone. If you are using iPhone then you can install Fake-A-Message. For android smartphone, you need to install Spoof Text Message app on your smartphone.
  • Once installed, you to go to Outbox now and enter details used for spoofed verification. You can use these details for spoofed verification i.e To: +447900347295 From: Country Code, Mobile Number and Message: Your Email ID.
  • Once you have submit these details to that false phone number, now you can enjoy services by using this number for verification.

So this was the easy guide on using WhatsApp without any mobile or phone number.



Top Hybrid Laptops 2015

Hybrid laptop can be served both as laptop as well as tablet. They come with detachable design for serving the purpose. Hybrid laptops are mostly priced in a range of $700 to $2000. But there are some tech companies that make budget friendly hybrid laptops like Dell.

These laptops are smartest, slimmest and powerful devices. They also beat the style section as hybrid laptops come with amazing design and cases.

Here I have listed down best hybrid laptops of year 2015.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3:


This is the smartest and most powerful device in hybrid range presented by Microsoft till now. This device is so great to convince users about usability of a hybrid laptop.

Surface Pro 3 is much cheaper than its rivals like iPad Air and Macbook Air. This hybrid device may not be perfect but justifies its price. If you ready to compromise on performance a little, then try surface 3. It is lighter version of Surface pro 3 and cheaper as well.

The strong point of Surface Pro 3 is sharp display. But users have complained a lot about its mediocre battery life.

HP Spectre x360:


HP Spectre x360 is really powerful as equipeed with awesome 1080 display screen, good battery life and quality performance. You can have this hybrid device for just $999.

Well users like laptop part of this device more than tablet look. It may not serve as best hybrid device. But to be honest this is the best looking and powerful laptop built by HP.

Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 12:


This hybrid device can serve you both for work and play. It is not perfect for either of the task. But it serves the purpose well. The best thing about yoga 12 is its portability as it is lighter as well as slimmer. Users love the battery life of this laptop as you can play for straight 7 hours on this device. You can buy this hybrid laptop for just $845.

Critiques said that Yoga 12 is not best hybrid laptop but it is not less than any of its rivals.

Asus Transformer Book T200:


This device is perfect amalgamation of Windows laptop and tablet. It is pretty affordable as you have to pay only $539 for acquiring this 2 in 1 laptop.

Like other hybrid laptops.T200 is lighter and well built. The strong point of this laptop is responsiveness. It has great battery life. But users have complained about is bulkiness and low resolution screen.



Affinity Photo: Cheap Photoshop Rival

Serif is the brand known for image editing, web design and illustration tools based on windows. Serif has launched its brand new product range named as “Affinity” recently. What make Affinity special is that this only supported by Macs. Yes you can use this software on any other device.

Serif launched its vector software “Affinity Designer” in October 2014. It was received greatly by the users. Infact this software was in list of “Best of 2014” of Mac App Store.

So What’s new Serif is going to offer? First let’s talk little about Adobe products. We all are aware that Adobe has come with best imagery and vector tools. Adobe has largest user range whether its image editing software or vector image software. Adobe photoshop and Adobe illustrator are still on the top of their games.


But Serif made Adobe little worried with launch of Affinity Designer. Now Serif is going to pinch Adobe little more with its new image editing software. Affinity Photo is going to image editing software and rival of legend Adobe photoshop.

We have seen many photoshop rivals in past. But they were presenting very basic features for the people who have no idea about advanced image editing features. Affinity Photo is going to be really tough rival. There are two reasons why Affinity Photo is going to give tough time to Adobe photoshop. Firstly it is made for professional and secondly is made for Macs.

Affinity Photo is equipped with advanced photo editing technologies till now. This software is going to offer 16 bit editing, CMYK, RGB and LAB color modes alongwith RAW development and ICC color profiles. You can also import and export Photoshop PSD files. Now you realize how powerful Affinity Photo is going to be as it can use Photoshop PSD files but Photoshop cannot use files of Affinity Photo.

Now let’s talk about its interface. The design of Affinity Photo is pretty much same to Adobe Photoshop, but much cleaner and simple. You will find precise vertical tools panel of left side while palettes on right side of software. Other options are almost same to photoshop.

The advantage Affinity photo has over photoshop is its price. Yes you have to pay only $49.99 for using this software. This price is one third of price of photoshop. So I guess this will shake Adobe’s sales a bit.

You are going to have software with latest technology with cheaper price. How often is that!