Top 10 Snaptube Features That Will Blow Your Mind

Check out the top 10 Snaptube features that will surprise you and blow your mind. If you have been using Snaptube to download YouTube videos then you might be familiar with all these features of the Snaptube app and if not then keep reading to find out some pretty surprising and amazing features of the Snaptube app.

snaptube features

Snaptube app is an app natively designed for android devices that helps you download YouTube videos on your device. You won’t know the trouble one has to go through to take YouTube videos unless you’ve tried for yourself. Following is the list of top 10 features we think give Snaptube app an edge over other apps to download YouTube videos.

  • Download YouTube videos and share them with other android devices. This is not possible if you take YouTube videos offline using the official android app which lets you watch the offline videos in the same device only.
  • Download YouTube videos in your desired quality. The YouTube app only lets you download YouTube videos in three selected resolutions but with the Snaptube app you can download the videos in your desired quality.
  • Download any YouTube video whereas the official YouTube app only lets you download selected videos and you can’t even take most of your favorite videos offline.
  • Convert the downloaded YouTube in the desired quality to watch them on any device. The video converter comes built in in the Snaptube app.
  • Download videos not only from YouTube but also from 1000+ other websites such as Facebook and Dailymotion.
  • Get speed boost whole downloading YouTube videos that lets you download the videos up to three times faster than your usual download speed.
  • The Snaptube app has a media player built in that allows you to watch the downloaded videos right after you download them without opening any other app.
  • You can also download the videos by pasting their URL in the download section and the Snaptube app will automatically fetch the video content.
  • Check out what’s trending and download the most popular videos that are all over internet just with a tap.
  • Group download all the videos of a YouTube channel or a whole playlist just with one tap without having to download all the videos separately.

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Hangouts vs iMessage: Comparing two apps

iMessage is the most popular messaging app over iOs. Apple owes a lot of it’s popularity to iMessage. What iMessage does it, it lets you send SMS’s to you people, for free.

While another “talk to people for free” app out there is Hangouts,right? So I think it’s fair of me to have a Hangouts Vs iMessage detailed comparison over here, right?

A brief Intro…

Hangouts vs iMessage: Comparing two apps

iMessage on PC is specifically made for iOS, it let’s you SMS people, and comes with a lot of advanced options and features.

Hangouts on the other hand is no less a competitor. It too is feature rich, and in some cases even better than iMessage, but then again iMessage hold the upper hand in some cases too, so well let’s take a deeper look into who wins the match.

Hangouts Vs iMessage Detailed Comparison:-

Let’s start with the basics, iMessage primarily is an “SMS” or text-based service, while Hangouts? It’s more of a video-chat thing.

Hangouts is a Google product, so you can access it on any device, any Os or even on your Windows desktops.  While iMessage can be used only if you’re on iOS and apple devices.

You can login to Hangouts from any other device, apart from your own. While apple doesn’t want you logging into it from any other device than the one you own. So yeah that sucks.

The one awesome feature you get with iMessage is that if you send someone a message via iMessage who is not on iMessage, the message still reaches him.

What iMessage does is if the person isn’t on iMessage, it sends the message as a normal SMS, making the message appear “green” instead of blue, but well it reaches him.

While this is something you don’t get with Hangouts for sure. If you want to talk, message or video-chat with someone who is offline, or not on Hangouts, well you can’t simple as that.

Hangouts is overloaded with emojis and stickers, well guess what, iMessage isn’t far behind too. It too has a diverse collection of stickers and “fun stuff” to keep your conversation alive.

Final Words:-

So that was it folks, I wouldn’t tell you which one is better, that’s up to you to decide, what I did is I just listed the features and their capabilities for you.

Now you can choose either of them based on your needs and convenience.  So that was a Hangouts Vs iMessage detailed comparison for you, hope it makes your decision easier.

Top 5 Camera Applications for your phone – iOS

Editing and capturing a photograph can be a pain. I don’t know about you all, but for me of course it is! I have only two ways, either I use that same old method of in build camera editing or use a nice application. Though, I know iPhone camera quality is itself a professional one, it doesn’t provide you with an extra ordinary editing option. Therefore, we have some amazing camera applications that are provided by iTunes. So, let’s see some of the best ones:-

1. ProCamera 9


Well I can say that ProCamera actually works faster, its simple and professional. It is very simple to understand, you don’t have put in extra brains into it. It Provides you with some amazing features that I am sure you can’t get in your in build camera by iOS. Therefore, I’ll recommend that you all should try it once.

Some of its advanced features are –

  • It is a photo, video editing studio.
  • Exposure swipe control – it lets you decide the speed of the camera and take that perfect picture.
  • Users can have the exact quality of DSLR camera. It provides you with ISO sensitivity and white balance.
  • You can always control the camera with Apple watch and change the settings.
  • The best thing is that ProCamera gives an option of live editing by  78 filters and effects.
  • Capture candid pictures without looking into the camera, believe me, it captures as real as it can.
  • Record HD videos
  • Users can share their photos on social media sites.

2. Camera +

camera +

Camera + shoots videos and capture photos like a full professional camera. So, just imagine you are going for a holiday, you don’t have to carry an extra camera with you. Your phone is enough. It provides you with almost all the possible features –

  • You can use burst to take unlimited shots and timer to take high quality photos.
  • Digital zoom feature is also available
  • Front flash that even works in a dark room – I don’t know why will someone click a picture in dark room!
  • Clarity is the biggest tool that camera + can provide at this point of time.
  • Users can always add caption to their photos. They can define their photo with their special verdicts.

3. Pro HDR

Pro  HDR

As it says by it’s name – Pro HDR works with your capturing experience right at the point where it is needed. So, if you have dark or bright back ground, you don’t have to worry, HDR will work by itself. Though, it works by itself, Pro HDR gives a manual option also. So, work as you want. There are other features also but they are very similar to other camera applications, so you all can guess them now.

4. Adobe Photoshop Express


So, yesterday when I showed one of my best photographs to my friend, she said is it photoshopped! Why I am telling you this is because for us the best photo editor till date is Adobe Photoshop. Though, the PC adobe is totally different from the mobile application, I guess you can try this one. This app is really amazing especially to work on phone. According to me, many people don’t even know how to use Photoshop on their computers, so, just imagine you can edit your pictures in seconds that too on Photoshop. Then of course show – off is your right!

5. Adobe Lightroom


Though, lightroom always works with newer version of iPhone, this one is exceptional. Believe me. it’s quite amazing. It syncs your photo with your other devices, so that you can edit the photos as per your comfortability. Its some of the features are –

  • Create stunning photographs
  • Play with the edit option, you can always come back to original by one tap.
  • Simplify your editing options and get consistent looks on your screen.
  • Get new photos edited by connecting to Adobe Photoshop processor.

I guess I have shared most of the camera editing applications. For any queries or suggestions, please let me know through your precious comments below. Thank you!

5 Best Chromecast Apps Suitable For Everyone

Google has been at the top of the market since the launch of the android Lollipop. There was a time when Apple was the only company innovating all the awesome stuff and putting it for public use but android was the one who used to copy Apple’s lead. Well, the time have changed in a dramatic way and now Apple is walking on Google’s path as we can clearly see that from the newest iOS 9 release. Google included a new cast feature in their Android Lollipop which has the capability to cast your Android device’s screen onto the nearest television screen. Well, let us look at top 5 applications that are fit for your chromecast.

  1. Allcast


Allcast is a great application which is available in most of the operating system, be it Apple or Android or Amazon, you can get the application in any device. You can stream the data to any Amazoin Fire TV, Chromecast, Apple TV and even Xbox. The basic application is free which includes 5 minutes of streaming per session and to enjoy the full version, you will have to pay $4.99 which is not so much considering what it can do.

  1. Video Stream


Video Stream is another most used Chromecast application which is used by millions of users. In simple words, you can call it VLC player for chromecast. The application supports most of the video formats and you will find no difficulty using it.

  1. Pandora


It is one of the most famous and well known apps as its reputation precedes it. It is one of the best ways of discovering new and latest music and with its chromecast support, it has become even better. You can even stream radio channels through the application directly onto your TV.

  1. Twitch


It is not necessary that you will only be streaming multimedia onto your TV. Playing games is also one of the top options in the to-do list. Twitch Games is the only application that will provide you a wide range of games which you can easily play and it can even stream it onto your TV set.

  1. Crackle


Last but not the least is Crackle, which is the paradise for movie lovers. The application is filled with many movies and TV shows and if you like the old movies then this is the perfect place for you as the application has tons of 90s movies to offer and the best part about it that you can easily stream it onto your chromecast. If you are all about TV shows then this application won’t disappoint you as you can even stream TV shows using this application.



Best apps from streaming movies on your Android

Movies are often the solution to boredom and nothing can be more entertaining that a couple of hours to keep you occupied. Well, you cannot always surf the TV or theatres for looking up to a good movie. Hence, for times of boredom and complete nothingness, here is a list of the best apps that can be used for streaming movies and TV shows on your Android.

Let us have a look at the apps available on your Android:

  1. Showbox


Well, Showbox for PC is indeed one of the best possible applications which lets you stream movies and shows for free with a good choice of content on board. It is in use by millions of people and is available for download on the official site.

One of the best things about the application is the fact that you can download movies and not just watch them online!

  1. Crackle


This is an application which lets you watch movies for free. However, it doesn’t allow you to download them.  Anyways downloading isn’t always a great option; what counts is the user interface and the experience. It is available on the play store!

  1. Viewster


One of the leading movie app in Europe, Viewster has movies, TV shows as well as animes at your finger tips. It is a must have for all the anime fans out there!

The application is more of original than just the typical Hollywood movies!

  1. BigStar Movies


It is an ideal application for all those who wish to watch documentaries, foreign films and some really master pieces! It is otherwise free to you, but you do have plans to choose from.

  1. Free Movies

With a database of over 5000 plus movies, the application is great. It isn’t quite popular as of now, but works really well. You have a variety of categories to choose from ranging from sci fi to action to mystery!

It makes use of the browser and not a proper application. Though the user interfaces a bit a disappointing, it does manage to deliver what it claims to!

So that was all on the list of applications available to stream movies on your Android! With Showbox leading the list, you can always look up for varieties available in times any of the app you already use fails to work.


How to use WhatsApp without using Mobile Number?

As we know that we have to submit our phone number details with WhatsApp for sharing its services. But you will be surprised to know that this amazing chatting software can be used without any mobile number. Yes you don’t have any SIM in your smartphone and you can still enjoy texting through WhatsApp.

Now you are wondering how that is even possible! Good news a little tactic is there to help you get this service without any mobile number or SIM card or phone number.


There are hundreds of people who do not wanna share their phone number of personal reasons. At the same time they tend to try services of WhatsApp without any phone number and they don’t know a bit how to do that. If you are one of those, then you are landed on right page.

I got complete guide on using WhatsApp without any phone number. Another important thing this tactic can be used on any smartphone whether its running on android or iOS and even whatsapp on PC.

So without any further delay let’s check below how to use most premium messenger without any mobile number.

  • First thing you need to do is saving all the WhatsApp data on your mobile and uninstalling the existing WhatsApp account.
  • After that put your mobile on flight mode and download the WhatsApp again for installation.
  • Obviously when you follow the on screen instructions to install the WhatsApp, it will ask phone number for verification.
  • As your mobile is on flight mode, so you need to use alternative method for verification that is through “Check through SMS”.
  • Now enter the email address and click the submit button. Now instantly cancel the action.
  • Next step is to install spoof messages app on your smartphone. Here you will know how to do this step on both android and iOS smartphone. If you are using iPhone then you can install Fake-A-Message. For android smartphone, you need to install Spoof Text Message app on your smartphone.
  • Once installed, you to go to Outbox now and enter details used for spoofed verification. You can use these details for spoofed verification i.e To: +447900347295 From: Country Code, Mobile Number and Message: Your Email ID.
  • Once you have submit these details to that false phone number, now you can enjoy services by using this number for verification.

So this was the easy guide on using WhatsApp without any mobile or phone number.



Top Hybrid Laptops 2015

Hybrid laptop can be served both as laptop as well as tablet. They come with detachable design for serving the purpose. Hybrid laptops are mostly priced in a range of $700 to $2000. But there are some tech companies that make budget friendly hybrid laptops like Dell.

These laptops are smartest, slimmest and powerful devices. They also beat the style section as hybrid laptops come with amazing design and cases.

Here I have listed down best hybrid laptops of year 2015.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3:


This is the smartest and most powerful device in hybrid range presented by Microsoft till now. This device is so great to convince users about usability of a hybrid laptop.

Surface Pro 3 is much cheaper than its rivals like iPad Air and Macbook Air. This hybrid device may not be perfect but justifies its price. If you ready to compromise on performance a little, then try surface 3. It is lighter version of Surface pro 3 and cheaper as well.

The strong point of Surface Pro 3 is sharp display. But users have complained a lot about its mediocre battery life.

HP Spectre x360:


HP Spectre x360 is really powerful as equipeed with awesome 1080 display screen, good battery life and quality performance. You can have this hybrid device for just $999.

Well users like laptop part of this device more than tablet look. It may not serve as best hybrid device. But to be honest this is the best looking and powerful laptop built by HP.

Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 12:


This hybrid device can serve you both for work and play. It is not perfect for either of the task. But it serves the purpose well. The best thing about yoga 12 is its portability as it is lighter as well as slimmer. Users love the battery life of this laptop as you can play for straight 7 hours on this device. You can buy this hybrid laptop for just $845.

Critiques said that Yoga 12 is not best hybrid laptop but it is not less than any of its rivals.

Asus Transformer Book T200:


This device is perfect amalgamation of Windows laptop and tablet. It is pretty affordable as you have to pay only $539 for acquiring this 2 in 1 laptop.

Like other hybrid laptops.T200 is lighter and well built. The strong point of this laptop is responsiveness. It has great battery life. But users have complained about is bulkiness and low resolution screen.



Affinity Photo: Cheap Photoshop Rival

Serif is the brand known for image editing, web design and illustration tools based on windows. Serif has launched its brand new product range named as “Affinity” recently. What make Affinity special is that this only supported by Macs. Yes you can use this software on any other device.

Serif launched its vector software “Affinity Designer” in October 2014. It was received greatly by the users. Infact this software was in list of “Best of 2014” of Mac App Store.

So What’s new Serif is going to offer? First let’s talk little about Adobe products. We all are aware that Adobe has come with best imagery and vector tools. Adobe has largest user range whether its image editing software or vector image software. Adobe photoshop and Adobe illustrator are still on the top of their games.


But Serif made Adobe little worried with launch of Affinity Designer. Now Serif is going to pinch Adobe little more with its new image editing software. Affinity Photo is going to image editing software and rival of legend Adobe photoshop.

We have seen many photoshop rivals in past. But they were presenting very basic features for the people who have no idea about advanced image editing features. Affinity Photo is going to be really tough rival. There are two reasons why Affinity Photo is going to give tough time to Adobe photoshop. Firstly it is made for professional and secondly is made for Macs.

Affinity Photo is equipped with advanced photo editing technologies till now. This software is going to offer 16 bit editing, CMYK, RGB and LAB color modes alongwith RAW development and ICC color profiles. You can also import and export Photoshop PSD files. Now you realize how powerful Affinity Photo is going to be as it can use Photoshop PSD files but Photoshop cannot use files of Affinity Photo.

Now let’s talk about its interface. The design of Affinity Photo is pretty much same to Adobe Photoshop, but much cleaner and simple. You will find precise vertical tools panel of left side while palettes on right side of software. Other options are almost same to photoshop.

The advantage Affinity photo has over photoshop is its price. Yes you have to pay only $49.99 for using this software. This price is one third of price of photoshop. So I guess this will shake Adobe’s sales a bit.

You are going to have software with latest technology with cheaper price. How often is that!